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I started with Agile Physical Therapy when I had severe low back pain. The PTs used the pilates equipment as part of my therapy. As I graduated from PT, I started doing Pilates with Andrea to strengthen my core muscles which would help my back. I did the equipment one day a week and mat class 2x a week. It wasn't a quick fix but I have had back issues for several years so I didn't think I would be "fixed" in a few weeks! I have been a regular in these classes and at present my back is so much better that I can do pilates exercises that I never thought I would be able to even get close to doing. Plus I actually enjoy it and I have never enjoyed exercise! While Deg Disc Disease cannot be cured, it can be knocked back by core strengthening. So glad I found this group and would highly recommend them for PT and for Pilates. Often our mat classes get new members from PT graduates, but anyone can join! We have a lot of fun!

B. Brock

Birmingham, AL

In 2012, my wife had a very bad experience from a total right knee replacement. The damage from her surgery overall left her mostly confined to bed for over a year and a half. We have been to a series of specialist doctors, hospitals, and pain clinics without relief. Due to an advertisement on Yellow Pages and a call to Agile Physical Therapy, we scheduled our initial review and assestment. The process was very thorough and professionally completed that she was comfortable with returning for treatment. We found the facility to be clean, calming, and friendly. She has been treated now for the past three months by excellent and truly caring therapists who never push, but always encourage her to improve. While no one will ever be able to take away the pain, she has been getting mobility back with each session. She can now do simple things like walking or sitting and getting up from a chair without assitance, that were impossible for her in 2013 and 2014. We will keep returning to the Agile Team as they "Improve Quality of Life". 

The Berchers

Birmingham, AL

I want to tell everyone how important your work was for me after my surgery. It wasn't just about the therapy, but what I also got out of it. Seeing familiar faces week after week, who knew me and could laugh about this or that--giving encouragement when needed, etc. That is a really big part of it and everyone at Agile Physical Therapy does that well!

J. Andrews

Birmingham, AL

I recently had my Nutcracker audition in Tuscaloosa and was able to dance with minimal pain and a much improved balance which led me to grin the whole way through the audition. When I finished, the production managers asked if I would entertain dancing with the corp this year in the production.  I can’t tell you what a compliment and accomplishment that is for me at the ripe age of 51 especially since the next oldest was 16! You gals are the best and I would not be there if not for your patience and help. I’m still diligently doing the home exercises to keep the strengthening going and the stiffness at bay. Thank you so much for all your help!

T. Rubio

Hoover, AL

I highly recommend the therapists at Agile, they are all great and have helped me get back to my triathlon training. Andrea is amazing for pilates, with great cues and visualization for those of us, like me, that do not come from a dancer background or our rhythmically challenged. All of these talented ladies, also helped get me wedding ready and I looked amazing. The front staff is very knowledgeable and will follow up with your insurance and doctors. Please check them out today!

A. Rausch

Sterrett, AL

I think they are a great group! Compassionate and friendly! They treated me after a knee replacement, that was my first experience. Then after, shoulder surgery. I couldn't ask to be treated any better. Hopefully I will not need more therapy, but if so I will not hesitate to call.

N. Duke

Sterrett, AL

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