Benefits of PILATES 


Power, Efficiency, Reduced Stress, & Pain

Pilates has many useful purposes when done correctly such as stress reduction and toning benefits. You will become acutely in tune with your body with the emphasis on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment. Concentration on smooth, fluid movement will also become easier. The quality of movement over quantity of repetitions, combined with proper breathing will allow you to execute movements. You will notice your movements become more powerful and efficient, along side optimized performance. In addition to enhancing the physical activities you already enjoy, Pilates will make you toned, shrink your waist, and reduce daily stress, aches, as well as help to reduce pain felt through other areas of the body.

Pilates Classes
Pilates Classes
Pilates Classes

Price List.

 Private Sessions 
10 Sessions - $700
5 Sessions - $365
Single Sessions - $75
(Appointment necessary)


Group Sessions
10 Sessions - $500
5 Sessions - $265
Single Sessions - $55 each
(Appointment necessary)
Mat Pilates Sessions
10 Sessions - $130
5 Sessions - $70
Single Sessions - $15
Mon & Wed @ 12:00pm
Tues & Thurs @ 5:30pm
(Sign Up Online)


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