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Our Story

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Our Mission

At Agile Physical Therapy, we strive to empower patients and clients with therapy and fitness solutions for a healthy lifestyle at each stage of life. We are dedicated to a personal, individualized plan of healthcare and wellness to meet each person’s physical goals: functional, athletic, and artistic. 


At Agile Physical Therapy, we blend science with inspiration and advanced training to achieve motivation and success for our patients. 

The Full Story

Agile's history begins with my life in Pensacola, Florida. Every weekend our family got together with other families to go sailing or scuba diving where we would always end up at someone's house for dinner, still salty and sweaty from that day's adventures. Each family would contribute something to the Hodge podge meal we shared together. Staying with Southern tradition, everything revolved around fresh food, fun, and outdoor activities. Now, you may be wondering how this relates to the big picture and to Agile? Just wait, you'll see. 

My father was an OBGYN, my grandfather was an Orthodontist/Dentist, and my mother was a caterer and artist. All were compassionate and attentive listeners to clients, friends, and family. Whether it be discussing treatments with patients, chatting with guests at a spontaneous gettogether on the beach, or always looking at our teeth first then asking about school second. They all instilled in me the importance of the human connection. What a great intro to medicine!

As a dancer at ASFA and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, I had a few injuries that were cared for by Dr. Garth at UAB. His team felt like family, so I joined his team before and after my PT School graduation. He saw my potential and soon gave me free rein to start a Dance Injury Program. While running this program, I discovered the traditional style of Physical Therapy had shortcomings for my athletes and active seniors. To enhance this traditional method, I dove into my dance background to start rehabilitating people as a whole. The difference was incredible.

I had worked as a PT for 10 years and saw the need for a new kind of physical therapy facility. My vision and dream was of a place that feels good when you walk in-- welcoming, genuine, creatively and intellectually stimulating, open to listening to to your needs-- with confident and honest PTs who use treatments that focus on you as whole, not just a singular body part. In 2008, this dream was actualized when I opened Agile Physical Therapy with the assistance of my husband Victor. 


After Agile's opening, we fine tuned our clinic model to create exceptional care backed by PTs with advanced training who go above and beyond to guide patients back to their fullest capacity. Over the years, we continued to grow and evolve to include more services than before without compromising our dedication to a safe and constant path to wellness. In addition to local outreach, dance seminars, and lectures, we have continued to serve the southeast dance community from coast to coast, even including dancers on Broadway. During this time, we created our motto "Dare to be Moved" to highlight our dedication to movement, specifically the movement of our patients as they return to living the life they want and to the activities they love most.

So, who is Agile? We are an uplifting clinic with clinicians and employees who genuinely care about you, our patient, as a whole and who will fight for your good health. We want to challenge you, raise you up physically, and reinforce a positive life that you may have previously thought was lost and would never be able to return to in the future. We bring something different to the table, and just like my life in Pensacola, the people you will be surrounded by at Agile are all dedicated to providing a genuine human connection, a listening ear, and even a little bit of fun.  

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