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physial therapy physical therapy in birmingham physical therapy in vestavia best physical therapy for old people


We offer a wide variety of services that are often combined in order to tailor your physical therapy appointment to precisely what your body needs. These combinations are designed to help your body heal and strengthen as quickly and effectively as possible. 

physical therapy training great physical therapy

Physical Therapy

We offer a dynamic form of physical therapy that integrates traditional and progressive methods with a holistic approach to treat the whole body, not just the injury. We often use Pilates exercises alongside physical therapy to strengthen the body and enhance the mind-body connection. Patients are only treated by a licensed physical therapist.

manual physical therapy hands on physical therapy physical therapy session physical therapy appointment massage

Manual Therapy

Our clinicians use traditional methods in addition to the progressive technique referred to as PNF, 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, that our physical therapists use to break down complex movements into basic movements in order to strengthen specific muscles. With repetition, the result is increased stability and coordinated mobility which restores function faster.

injury assessment check out my injury look at my injury i think im hurt

Injury Assessment

Our clinicians will assess the ailment or dysfunction and give patients an expert opinion with an actionable plan for the next steps to take. No prescription needed.

medical dance training professional dance training dance related injury dance injury

Dance Training

Our clinicians are trained in dance-specific techniques and understand dancers' unique movements. Combining this knowledge with Physical Therapy methods helps all types of dancers reduce risk of injury, improve form, and increase strength and endurance.

medical laser best medical laser medical red light laser laser thrapy

Light Force Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

The laser promotes healing on the cellular level by using Deep Tissue Light Therapy. It can be used in conjunction with Physical Therapy or as a standalone treatment.

my leg still hurts after physical therapy arm hurts shoulder hurts knee hurts foot hurts neck hurts back hurts ankle hurts


This is a multifunctional appointment designed to get patients back on track with their health and fitness goals. It can be used as a sport-specific training session, a tune up to regain function, or even a treatment session for pain unrelated to an injury. 

stretch clinic stretching clinic places to get stretched out remove tightness get rid of tightness stiff muscles


We offer a unique style of stretching called Active Isolated Stretching (the Mattes Method) which allows patients to gain flexibility faster and maintain it, as well as traditional methods. 

Neck Therapy dry needling acupuncture medical acupuncture safe acupuncture safe dry needling acupuncture for injuries

Dry Needling

This treatment uses acupuncture needles to relieve muscle tightness by penetrating the muscle belly at certain points, called trigger points. It can also activate muscles that have trouble firing and can be a standalone treatment or used in a Physical Therapy appointment.

athletic taping athletic tape kinesiotaping taping for athletes taping for dancers athletic tape


Taping provides external support for muscles and increases blood flow to the area in order to improve proper function without limiting movement. 

my scar is stiff hurts around my scar i cant move because of my scar scar massage scar massaging scar tissue massage

Scar Tissue Release

Pain and inflexibility from a past surgery or injury that restricts movement can be resolved through this form of manual therapy to break up scare tissue and increase range of motion and help patients return to activity.

Cupping cupping like in the olympics cupping near me cupping for athletes


In conjunction with physical therapy, cupping helps promote blood flow to areas of the body which aids the healing process. It is also used to mobilize scarring.

i just had a mastectomy and i cant lift my arms i cant raise my arms fluid removal after masectomy how to get rid of fluid after masectomy

Lymphatic Webbing Release

Post-mastectomy, a form of manual therapy may be required to release built up fluid that is often painful and reduces range of motion of the arm. This release helps patients resume everyday tasks to return to normal living.

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