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Dare to be Moved
Dance Medicine | Orthopedics | Sports Medicine
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Agile Physical Therapy is a private, locally-owned clinic started by Lisa Altamirano in 2008. She and her team have spent the last 15 years working hard to provide the highest quality compassionate health experience for patients. Our physical therapists specialize in orthopedics, sports medicine, and dance medicine. We are proud to report our clinic is the only clinic in Birmingham to offer specialized physical therapy for dancers. 


We use traditional and innovative approaches backed by research to provide a unique treatment session that is oriented around the patient. Our approach allows us to deliver the highest functional training, movement re-education, and improved mind-body connection. We pride ourselves in a smooth progression from rehabilitation to peak performance and restored activity level for every kind of patient from athletes to dancers and children to seniors. 


Call our clinic to schedule an appointment. 

The first appointment will be a one-on-one in-depth evaluation with one of our clinicians to understand the injury fully and create a personalized treatment plan, specific to your needs. Every follow-up appointment will continue to be an individualized session between you and a physical therapist. 


Have any questions about what injuries we treat, insurances we accept, or any other details?


Check out our FAQ page or call the clinic. 

More Than Just 

Physical Therapy

Kinesiology Taping


Become in tune with your body through proper breathing, fluid movement, and correct body alignment. 

pilates reformer pilates class pilates mat class advanced beginner for starters for beginners group private session with a pilates instructor


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a scientifically proven way to reduce pain and inflammation. Treatments are fast, safe, painless, and most patients experience results after their first session.


The technology uses a red-light laser to generate a photochemical response in damaged tissue through a process called photobiomodulation. This process stimulates healing on a cellular level by enabling cells to produce energy (ATP) more rapidly. 

Agile Physical Therapy is one of the few clinics in Birmingham to use a Class 4 medical laser to provide short laser treatments with a broad range of treatment options. The laser can be used in conjunction with physical therapy or as a standalone treatment that does not require a prescription from a doctor for treatment.

laser medical laser lasering muscle treatmnent hurt injury




Dry needling is a quick, yet effective treatment that can help combat muscle tightness and muscle spasms. It will reduce pain in muscles faster than massage. In addition, dry needling can help activate dormant muscles.

This technique uses acupuncture needles to penetrate tissue to reach the muscle belly below. Unlike acupuncture, dry needling is based in Western medicine techniques and targets trigger points to release muscles tension.

At Agile Physical Therapy, dry needling can be incorporated into physical therapy sessions or be a standalone treatment. This service does not require a doctor's prescription. 

dry needling soreness stiff muscles acupuncture profesional dry needling medical dry needling



Firefly is a small, multi-use device that helps your body recover faster from strenuous use like long runs, intense workouts, and even sports games. This is a disposable technology worn on both knees that provides 6 to 15 treatments per pack. The device can be worn under clothes and does not require leads or wires to function. 

It works by stimulating the peroneal nerve, which provides sensation and motor function to parts of the lower leg, without causing muscle fatigue. The stimulation increases blood flow to the lower extremities by 400% which directly increases overall athletic recovery.

recovery workout recovery faster recovery fast muscle recovery how to help sore muscles recover faster


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