Donna Riley Pilates Workshop

is excited to offer this great opportunity to learn from Donna Riley, BBU instructor based in Atlanta for a 3 hour workshop!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2016


Agile Physical Therapy

[3125 Blue Lake Drive, Vestavia 35243]

How to Sign Up:

Call Agile PT (205) 969-7887

Deadline for registration is Friday, July 22nd.

There will be a 90 minute Masterclass prior to the workshop that you can take. If you have not had the opportunity to experience Donna Riley's teachings, she is a creative, dynamic instructor who has a talent of coaching instructors and pupils to move in a more efficient manner taking the time to help you find the movement that has been neurologically lost. This is my interpretation and experience but come feel it for yourself. The course she has developed and is offering is:

"Returning to the Essence of Pilates" 'This explores the idea that Pilates is more than just a series of exercises. We go deeper into exploring rhythm, breath, and the quality of movement. The workshop teaches how to look beyond information and technique and step more fully into experiencing Pilates in it's essence.'

Schedule Of The Day

8:30AM - Open clinic

9:00 - 10:30AM - Master Mat Class

10:30 to 11:30 - Break / Welcome for Workshop

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM - Workshop


Cost for Masterclass is $30

Cost for Workshop is $85

Cost for Both is $105

There will be no CEUs offered for this workshop.


Donna Riley began studying Pilates 30 years ago as a Dance Major at Rutgers University. Upon graduation she went into the world of fitness acquiring many certifications along the way. She moved to Atlanta, connected with Leslie Clayton at Body Awareness Studio and committed fully to the world of Pilates. Over 20 years of teaching Pilates, including 10 years as a Pilates teacher trainer, she has motivated, inspired, and empowered hundreds of people to fully embrace the brilliance of the human body. She has the gift of seeing beyond what most people can see. Referring to her intuitive style, Mary Bowen affectionately called Donna “divinely inappropriate” in her unique and creative way of finding solutions to her client’s challenges. Donna's capacity for thinking outside the box, combined with her vast knowledge and analytical abilities, allow her to guide people deeper into their bodies and achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Donna is passionate about helping people understand that how you move is a metaphor for how you show up in life. As Joseph said, “Find the end result with the least amount of effort”. As a student of life, Donna is always seeking opportunities for growth. Five years ago she began studying with Bob Cooley, author of “The Genius of Flexibility”. Through her training and experiences with him, she was able to elevate herself and her teaching abilities to another whole level. Now, Donna is known as the “teacher’s teacher”. She derives tremendous delight and satisfaction in mentoring teachers to become the highest version of them so they can fully share their gifts with the world. Donna has been a faculty teacher for Balanced Body for 8+ years in their teacher training program and is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance

Call Agile PT (205) 969-7887 to reserve your spot!

Deadline for registration is Friday, July 22nd.

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