Hal Richardson| Massage Therapist | Birmingham, AL
Massage Therapist: Hal Richardson worked with the USA 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Team

Hal Richardson

Licensed Massage Therapist


Here at Agile, we offer a wide range of different types of massage therapy.  We believe in helping you to take care of your body. Not only does that include showing you proper techniques and stretching, but massage as well. Our fully experienced massage therapist, Hal Richardson is ready to help you feel your best. Hal had the honor of working with the 2012 USA Olympic Team in London and again in the 2016 during the Rio Olympic games . Having helped our countries best he is ready to help you figure out what you need.


Since 1996, Hal Richardson (the Ape Squad) has provided unique therapeutic soft tissue services referred to as 3-D Manual Therapy. He offers a combination of various myofascial techniques. These active and isolated movements are used to help reduce pain and optimize range of motion. Use of these techniques can result in a better quality of life, faster recovery and peak athletic performance. He also holds a certification in Fascial Movement Taping. This is a form of kinesiology taping for movement by Rocktape. Rocktape was the first local provider of Advanced Active Isolated Stretching developed by Aaron Mattes.


Let us help you to feel your best while being worked on by the best!