Dance Medicine


#1 Choice for dance physical therapy by Birmingham’s professional dancers!

Dance Medicine is the medical practice of treating, healing and preventing dance-related injuries through physical therapy and other forms of medicine.  Agile Physical Therapy focuses on promoting good health and wellness and injury prevention through education, rehabilitation, and fitness training.


As the leading Dance Physical Therapy clinic in Birmingham, we provide:
  • Individualized treatment sessions utilizing movement analysis and facilitating excellent technique during your physical therapy session

  • Private hour sessions with a physical therapist for technique training, alignment and cross training.

  • Private hour sessions on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair, improving your core stability, full body coordination of movement, and overall strength and endurance which will greatly increase your ability to perform all forms of dance and related activities


Having a physical therapist trained in dance specific techniques, we will assure you that we clearly understand your physical demands as a dancer during normal class times, rehearsal schedules, and performance time. We know the vocabulary and know exactly how you move, whether your form of dance is ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, Irish dance, ballroom, etc. Our unique understanding of dancers also translates into gymnastics, ice skating, dance team, cheerleading, and even synchronized swimming. Dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, and cheerleaders not only high-intensity workouts but they have a certain aesthetics and control they have to uphold for the beauty of their sport or art. This causes them to be prone to many injuries due to overuse, muscle imbalances, lack of appropriate flexibility, weakness, joint instabilities, improper fitting shoes, impact, improper technique, and alignment. 

We not only perform testing of muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility, body alignment, and posture, but we also assess dance technique and sport specific movement analysis. We will not be satisfied until you are active again and we have fulfilled our commitment to educating the dance patient on proper alignment and technique reducing their risk of injury and empowering an efficient moving dancer and athlete.



Your Dance Medicine Session May Include:
  • Manual Therapy ( massage, mobilization, PNF, AIS)

  • Muscle Energy techniques

  • Sports/Activity Specific exercises and training

  • Functional Activities (walking, running, jumping, throwing)

  • Bracing and Taping (athletic taping and Kinesio-taping)

  • Fabrication of Protective padding

  • Modalities Gait Analysis



Our Techniques Include:


  • Evidence-Based Practice – most up to date technique backed by research

  • Manual Therapy Techniques – massage, muscle energy, active isolated stretch, mobilization

  • Myofascial Release Techniques

  • Traditional Strengthening Methods – Theraband, free weights, functional tasks

  • Balance/Coordination Techniques

  • Pain Management Methods

  • Education for Injury Prevention

  • Functional Training – sitting, walking, standing, squatting, stair climbing

  • Sport Specific Skill Training

  • Pilates (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair) – coordinating breath, movement, core and full body strength



Pointe/Dance Shoe Analysis

Agile PT is the only physical therapy clinic in Birmingham which has specialized Dance injury rehabilitation. Dancers are not only unique artists and athletes, but they have very specialized shoes in which they perform and use daily. Our physical therapists at Agile PT not only understand your shoe needs we have been in them as dancers; therefore, we know the importance of a proper fitting shoe. At Agile PT we take the time to see the dancer in all their shoes and analyze how she/he moves and performs in each pair. An improper fitting shoe of any athlete can contribute to injuries.  


There are two ways in which we can analyze your shoe fit:

1)     As part of your physical therapy treatment sessions

2)     As an independent shoe assessment not related to medical treatment in our office


Fees will be paid at the time of the visit and cannot be billed to insurance. In very special cases, we can meet you at a local dance store and assess multiple shoes; fees will be paid at the time of the visit and cannot be billed to insurance.