September Newsletter 2019

We are excited at Agile PT to be in our 11th year! As owner, I am proud to have been in connection to over 45,000 visits changing peoples lives. Agile PT has not wavered since our opening in 2008 with our focus in traditional and innovative medical values and treatment methods. You may have noticed our appointment start times have changed. This change is a way to give more focused individualized care with less overlap. We know you will see, feel, and experience the difference without a compromise in our exclusive style of treatment. Our new schedule relies on you being on time. Being late will result in a shortened treatment session ending on time or a charge for a missed session. Promptness

3125 Blue Lake Drive, Vestavia, AL 35243 | Tel: (205)969-7887 Fax: (205)969-7886 |

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